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I thought keeping a running list of all the podcasts I listened to would be a good way to help you find the good stuff. It isn’t and frankly it’s boring to maintain which is why I didn’t. Instead I’ll post a handful of the current favourites.

I’ve included a link to the RSS of each podcast, but if you use iTunes then go to the page and find the link.

You Are Not So Smart | RSS

The tagline is ‘A Celebration of Self Delusion’ and pretty much every episode challenges one (or many!) of your firmly held beliefs. It’s that good I’m considering re-listening to some of the episodes. It’s also one of the few podcasts that ends the episode which a delicious cookie recipe. Usually it’s David McRaney speaking about a topic on his own but he does have guests and as he’s a fairly entertaining speaker it’s well worth a listen.

Coding Blocks | RSS

I like to mix up how I learn and I’m always looking to hone my coding skills. As I’m primarily a C# developer I wanted a podcast that focussed on that. Of course there’s .NET Rocks!, but that can be a bit hit and miss. I’m finding Coding Blocks a good fit right now as they’re spending a decent amount of time on the fundamentals of C#, the last episode Delegate all the things covered delegate functions, which if you’ve done JavaScript will laugh at because they so much easier. I understand a bit more of the history of event handling and where it’s sitting at the moment. My favourite podcasts are those where I learn something new and this one does that.

Winning Slowly | RSS

I’ve been listening since Stephen Carradini and Chris Krycho started this with season 0. It’s a well produced and focussed podcast that manages to do what a lot podcasts can’t. Not rambling, going off topic or spending way too long on in-jokes. There’s none of that. I’m recommend you start with season 1 as they locked down the format pretty much at that point.

Reply All | RSS

There have only been 16 episodes so far but I’ve enjoyed them all, the episode are in that sweet spot of around 30 minutes and it’s pretty well produced. It was interesting to hear them following up on Jennifer Ringley of Jennicam fame.

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