A new take on the polystyrene helmet

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While I’ve been lucky enough not to be in a position to test out my cycling helmet I do wonder if the polystyrene helmet offers me that much protection. Thankfully people like Anirudha Surabhi are still innovating with helmets built using a special honeycomb cardboard inspired by a woodpecker’s beak. I’m looking forward to getting my hand on one of these helmets as they look to reduce the G-force experienced during a collision.

In fact the Abus Kranium AKS 1 has been reviewed and you can find one on velorution for £79.99. Interestingly their marketing spiel suggests they can survive 5 collisions where most polystyrene helmets a useless after one.

To be fair I’m never going to test that, I’d probably give cycling a break after getting hit 3 times!

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