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My name is Matt McCabe and I’m an App addict. I’ve been trying to find something to manage my addiction. I was using AppsFire for a few months but push notifications on price drops didn’t seem to work and app seemed a bit spammy.

Since Apple dropped (or hid) the wish list feature on iTunes to force more impulse buying I really needed a way to store all the apps I wanted (Thanks Podcasts and RSS!). That way I can indulge my other addiction, comparing the features of things in too much detail, thanks To Brett Terpstra for iTextEditors. I’m holding out for buying more text editors until I try out Trunk Notes 3. The problem with the App Store is that the pricing is very inconsistent.

What I really needed was an app that worked and maybe had some of the features of camelcamelcamel to help me avoid paying above the odds and give me a little buffer from impulse buys.

I really wanted AppShopper but it had been pulled by Apple. But a new version called AppShopper Social has made it’s way into the App Store. It has some Social features which look like they’re in the very early development stages, the rest of the App looks the same.

Apart for the missing features what I’d really like is way to keep notes, so I know where the recommendation came from so I can give credit. I’m still keeping these notes in a separate text file.

I’m loneswordsman on AppShopper so feel free to add me.

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