Aurelia: First Impressions

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Bearing in mind I’ve only watched the introductory video I’ll give my first impressions. I’m impresssed and I want to use it in my next project. Aurelia is a JavaScript framework for “apps”.

The example is pretty contrived and it reminds me a lot of what I see in ASP.Net MVC, particularly with the routing side of it. The HTML views look a lot like TagHelpers, it’s not really a new concept but it’s a very clean implementation. The options for different kinds of data binding (other than 2 way sync) is interesting. Dependency injection support is in there so it’s likely to be pretty well testable.

I think it will be pretty easy to use in Visual Studio 2015 and 2013 as grunt and gulp are more integrated as the tooling is build around Node.

Creating components looks to be easy to build so you can create your own custom elements.

It’s definitely something I want to try out and then I’ll find out how easy it is to build with. It’s still relatively new and on the docs they mention they’re still in preview. I don’t think that’ll stop me from trying it out.

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