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Recently I’ve setup myself some fairly unrealistic goals of learning a lot of complex subjects in a short period of time. I’ve done it by reading, watching videos, doing practical tutorials and applying what I’ve learned in projects I’m working on. It’s not enough. I need to write about it to cement what I’ve been learning. So I’m going to do that by writing about the paths I take, those I avoid, the mistakes I make and he successes too. Don’t expect Coding Horror or Exercises in .NET but I am aiming for it to be of high quality. By putting it down in words I’m hoping it will help those in a similar position. ##Main topics

It’ll help to narrow things down a bit so here’s the first attempt. *ASP.NET MVC (C#, Design Patterns, Web API, OOP)

*General Web Development (HTML5 / CSS3, jQuery, AJAX)

*Agile Development (Continuous Integration (CI), Git, TDD) I’m sure it’ll change as I write more. ##Posting schedule (not meant to be broken)

A few times a week would be ideal but it will likely depend on what I’m doing at the time. However, if I’m not learning something worth writing about then it’s a good barometer that it’s not a good week. ##Ground rules (meant to be broken)

*Explain the context of any examples

*Provide downloadable code, ideally in a self contained project I’ll add more if need be. ##Ready, set…


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