February 2015 Movies (4)

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It was a bit of a light month for movie watching. It's as bad as it looks! It’s as bad as it looks! ##Grown-up Movies (2)

###Lucy (2014)

I usually like Luc Besson movies, this one was stretching it a bit far, a lot like Limitless but with the authority of Morgan Freeman. Because of the way the story progressed I found Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) less and less compelling, although the (bullshit) science behind it was quite fun. It was entertaining but the stakes weren’t high enough to take it seriously.

###Left Behind (2014)

I was in the mood for a Nicolas Cage movie and this seemed like a fun one. It entertained but I honest can’t remember any of the details of it! ##Kids Movies (2)

###Tangled (2010)

The modern Disney movies are doing a pretty decent job, their princess movies are getting less predictable and as a father I’m happier for her to watch them. Although there are parts that play to the trope of a helpless woman it’s nowhere near as prevalent. ###Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots (2015)

I’ve snuck this one in as it was the first time I’ve been to the cinema for a long time. But as it’s essentially a compilation of episodes I don’t think it really counts as a movie. It will keep under 5s entertained as there are plenty ‘breaks’ and there’s also a bit of audience interaction but our audience weren’t that into it unfortunately.

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