Gaming then and now

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I have this on a t-shirt, see how many you can guess I have this on a t-shirt, see how many you can guess I’ve become very picky about the games I play in my old age (mid 30s!). In fact it’s pretty common for there not to be a single game on my iPhone. I have recently got rid of my PS2 and Wii so I’m left with an Xbox 360 as my only (underused) console and even that is on it’s way out. I can play on my Mac but I rarely do so my iPhone has become my main gaming device. This isn’t really that new, pretty much any computer I’ve had my hands on has been used for gaming, even school ones. I do have a bit of a love/hate relationship with gaming as I wonder what I could have achieved if I’d spent my time on something else (world domination of course). I can’t help but be disapointed with the iPhone games as they tend to be one-trick ponies and lack the depth I’m looking for. It’s like playing Atari 2600 games but with better graphics. This is definitely driven by the market as it’s not worth a developer spending a lot of time when it’s not going to sell for more than £1.99. However it could be because my typical pattern when playing iOS games is to play it obsessively for hours or days and then dump it abruptly. If it doesn’t grab me immediately then it probably won’t last long. There aren’t many games where I didn’t get my money’s worth. Unlike console games that tend to get sold or lost I can just go to my purchases to see what I’ve been playing in reverse chronological order. Which is what I’ve done. But as I was going through the list it become clear there were too many for one blog post so I’ll split it up into the broad categories they seem to fit into. First up… Tower Defence, which started in an unexpected way.

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