How Do I Listen To Podcasts

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I use Overcast to listen to podcasts on my iPhone, either when I’m commuting, doing chores, walking or exercising. Overcast has some nice features like Smart Speed which speeds up podcasts without distortion and also shortens silences and Voice Boost which helps normalize the volume of different podcasts. You can also individually set the features you want to apply to a podcasts, for example, music podcasts don’t get Smart Speed because they sound ridiculous at 1.5 speed.

A few things stop me from recommending it as the best out there, and that’s the way it handles show notes and link shortening. Usually handles it through the overcast domain rather than the podcasts site and the same goes for the links you share. I’d prefer to have the option to turn that off, but the minimal approach to settings means you can’t

If there’s a better option out there I’d love to heard it, I don’t think my opinions overlap with Marco, the app creator. (I know about Pocket Casts, Downcast and probably need to try Castro).



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