Introducing Queens of the Stone Age

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Rather than talking about Apple Music directly, I thought it would be a good idea to pick out one of the playlists I’ve been recommended. It’s titled An Intro to Queens of the Stone Age but it’s missing so much of their really good early stuff. I think it’s likely that it was curated by Josh Homme as it’s mostly made up of newer music and either he’s sick of the early stuff or he thinks the latest stuff is better. Either way they’ve been around nearly 20 years! Here’s their playlist. *Feel Good Hit of the Summer (Rated R)

*Sick, Sick, Sick (Era Vulgaris)

*If Only (Queens of the Stone Age)

*I Sat By the Ocean (… Like Clockwork)

*In My Head (Lullabies to Paralyze)

*No One Knows (Songs For The Deaf)

*3’s & 7’s (Era Vulgaris)

*First It Giveth (Songs for the Deaf)

*Make It Wit Chu (Era Vulgaris)

*My God Is the Sun (… Like Clockwork) It’s available on Apple Music if you want to listen. #I can do better…

While I’m not an expert on the band, I did follow their early career and everyone knows the early stuff is better ;) I’‘ll be showing my age by starting with their debut album from 1998 and also one that predated that. To keep it fair, I’ll be choosing 10 tracks. I tend to favour some of their catchier songs but also some of the more instrumental ones. It’s probably not surprising to those of you who listen to albums in the order they were compiled but some songs I’ve kept together because they just belong together. Here it is… ##My Intro to Queens of the Stone Age

*If Only (Queens of the Stone Age)

*Monsters In The Parasol (Rated R)

*Quick and to the Pointless (Rated R)

*No One Knows (Songs for the Deaf)

*You Would Know (Queens of the Stone Age)

*Spiders and Vingaroons (Queens of the Stone Age)

*Little Sister (Lullabies to Paralyze)

*Go With The Flow (Songs for the Deaf)

*I Think I Lost My Headache (Rated R)

*I Was a Teenage Hand Model (Queens of the Stone Age) You can listen too. ##Commentary

This is a bit of brain dump of my thoughts… If I could find the original version of Born to Hula that probably would have made it on to the list. As it is I’ve started with the scuzzier sound of their early work and onto the lively songs with a rare appearance of Nick Oliveri on vocals ( Quick and to the Pointless). Every time I listen to No One Knows I appreciate the drumming of Dave Grohl even more. I’ve included 3 very tricky songs in Spiders and Vingaroons, I Think I Lost My Headache and I Was a Teenage Hand Model, all of the which are sprawling melodic tracks that so they do take a bit of patience. I do like the theme of Songs for the Deaf had as it was played like it was on a californian radio station so listen for the links between the tracks from that album. The final 2 songs are actually the closing tracks on their albums so it felt a bit odd to include them both but as I Was a Teenage Hand Model is one of my favourites I couldn’t leave it out and I Think I Lost My Headache is just a fun track. #Finally…

Have a listen to both if you’ve heard the band before or not. I’d love to heard what you think. Of course I’d suggest you start with my one. And I think I’ll give the newer albums a listen and see if any of those belong on the intro :)

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