iPhone free, iPhone expensive!

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It has become a tradition in my house to watch the Apple Keynotes live, but to my surprise it wasn’t available to stream this time. It was streamed live to exclusive locations in Beijing, Tokyo and Berlin, but not my living room at 6pm GMT. Boo! As it happened my daughter had my attention so I wasn’t able to follow live anyway. A few hours later I caught up with the very informative new ads and finally with the keynote when I was available on Apple Events. This post isn’t going to be a full account of that event as there are likely to have been too many of those already.

Justifying spending a fortune on a new phone

This was surprisingly easy to do. There were so many reasons there were a few problems with my 4S:

  • Battery life wasn’t great, if I was using the phone heavily or using Moves, then I’d need to charge the phone in the middle of the day and eventually I stopped using the app.
  • The screen was starting to feel cramped, Byword was a good example of this.
  • Apple’s marketing had worked I absolutely hated the dock connector and when using my iPad Mini or plugging my wife’s iPhone 5 in I really noticed how easy it was.
  • Things were starting to slow down and it wasn’t a responsive as I’d like, I don’t believe this was due to it being an old phone as I’d just got it replaced a few months ago.
  • It’s thicker… ah no, ok, that didn’t really bother me. All in all the iPhone 5S in any colour is the phone I need. It has a great Camera with some features that wll really help improve my photos, the fingerprint lock, the larger screen, the improved battery life, the more powerful processor, the possibility I might be able to use Moves or a similar app without my phone dying and also, I have to admit, it looks significantly better.

Going, going, gone iPhone Free

I sent my phone off to get Recycled, I boxed up my phone on Wednesday and yesterday I dropped it off at the Post Office. So it’s gone, 4 years with an iPhone and now I don’t even have a phone. Due to the way I get my phones I won’t be queuing up, I get a voucher to cover the cost of the phone in October sometime and then struggle to get hold of a phone because of supply problems. So fun times ahead! Having no iPhone means I’m not going to have a lot of what I’ve taken for granted, like these:

  • Checking in to Foursquare or use location services, I only started using it last month and am really enjoying the new discoveries and having fun taking different routes to work and picking up a few mayorships along the way.
  • Taking photos, my iPhone has been my main camera since I got the 4S. I’m really going to miss being able to take pictures, particular of my daughter. Of course I could just use my old digital camera…
  • Keeping my life on track with Omnifocus and AnyList. I can’t quickly add a list of tasks to Omnifocus using Drafts, or see what projects I should be working on, or wander round town with my phone doing my errands.
  • Listening to Podcasts on the go. My daily commute is very quiet now and the Metro newspaper doesn’t give me the same range of information.
  • Following the latest on the social networks, no Path, Facebook or App.net for me. I won’t see my shares, like and comments as soon as they happen!
  • Keeping up to date with my RSS feeds, they’re going to explode while I’m away, I’m sure of it. I can’t keep up while I only have my iPad and iMac at home.

Finally iPhone Free!

As you can tell by the tone I’m not that worried about having no iPhone for a few months, it’ll be inconvenient but I’m looking forward to switching off and there are so many advantages like:

  • Significantly fewer distractions, no social networks, no photos to sort, no music or podcasts to listen to.
  • Time to think which might be lead to more introspection.
  • Where is my phone, I can’t find my phone!”, is not something I’ll think or say because I’ll know I cashed it in too early, what was I thinking?
  • More focus on my iPad, I’m not sure if this will mean I use it more, but I certainly use my iPad for longer interactions like writing blog posts or mindmaps.

iPad only

So I still have my iPad, it’s Wi-Fi iPad Mini so it’s not like I can’t do all of these things in specific places. Like at home or using the Wi-Fi at the office. I’m sure I’ll survive, I keep you posted.

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