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Week 1 without an iPhone and I still haven’t got my cheque…

I’ll share what I’ve observed and what, if anything, I’m going to change when I get my iPhone 5S at some point next month. There are a few surprises and my initial observations aren’t all as important I thought.

What am I missing about my iPhone really

The biggest thing I miss is actually having my phone with me so I can capture thoughts, ideas or check something pretty much anywhere, well anywhere with 3G. How did we cope with 2G networks! Of course location services comes into play when I’m on the move so I don’t have my Omnifocus location contexts so I have to make a conscious effort to remember to pickup or do things in certain places. I’ve definitely been burned by this. I miss having my phone, predictive texting on an ancient Nokia is a lot more painful than I remember. I also have no headset so my puny unconditioned arms are getting a workout holding the phone to my ear. I seem to have completely forgotten how to do anything simple like one handed, like open doors or get something out my pocket. Music and podcasts are sorely missed, although this means I’m thinking more and have a clear mind I feel bored. Particularly on my commute to work or when I have to wait any length of time, I’m very impatient, adding the fact I can’t look at the bus tracker I get anxious. I didn’t realize how many photos I take on a daily basis. Not that many when I’m out but when I’m home with my toddler I feel like I’m missing moments. I did try using my iPad Mini camera but the results aren’t good.

What I’m not missing

I don’t really miss social networks that much and I’m enjoying the extra space on my iPad when I do use them. Felix for App.net is particularly good. I think I’ve almost forgotten about Facebook although I check in as there are some pending life events I want to know about (births and marriages). RSS has been neglected and not particularly missed, most news comes to me somehow, although there are some gems in my feeds I don’t want to miss. I am still sending a lot of articles to Pocket to read later and reading them on the iPad as I did before. Although I miss some iPhone only apps iOS 7 has made this so much better for non-retina devices as the 2x is gone so those apps launch in full screen.

What will change?

  • Limit my time on social networks to twice a day on my iPad, maybe I’ll look to prune some of my ‘friends’ and those I follow.
  • Simply not installing the apps on my phone unless there is a benefit to having access on the move and I’ve already mentioned I plan install an app a post. -The massive volume of RSS feeds needs to be looked at, either by chopping some if them out or looking into some filtering options.
  • Look into a better headset than the standard iPhone headphones. I use them so often I need
  • Turn off nearly all notifications, particularly sounds, being free of distractions and having more focus is very nice.
  • Plan out how I will use my iPhone during down time, listening to Podcasts is my current default and this isn’t always the best use of my attention.

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