Jobs to kill in the next 9 days

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This post first appeared on and then I combined it into a Day One journal entry and now it’s here as a form of public commitment.

I’m off work for a week and often make the mistake of over committing myself and cripple myself with huge amount of work I’ve set myself. I have other commitments but there are things I need to get done that can’t wait any longer. Like…

  • Resealing the bath/shower, despite a few attempts it keeps breaking open, this time I think the bath was sinking slightly, that needs sorted, I’m also going to remove the glass shower cover and replace it with a standard shower curtain on a pole. Big Job.

  • Painting the corner of the living room. I need to move things around stripping the wall and paint a few coats of anti mould paint (the reason it needs done). Big, but easy Job.

  • De-moulding the kitchen, slightly more painful and it needs a lot of tidying to get to all the problem areas. The room really need more ventilation and that’s help. Potentially Big Job.

  • Mowing the lawn. Ok this one is really easy, I just need a clear day and about an hour, longer if I leave it to grow longer. Small Job.

  • Planting vegetables and weeding the back garden. I really hate gardening but I want to grow my own food. This is a bit one but I have family around this week so will get them to help! Big Job but could be made into a fun one.

*Hang pictures. This house is very bare and has no personality. I have plenty photos and frames but I’m unsure how best to hang them. Easy Job if I get over that bump.

So if get at least 3 of those done I’ll be happy, all of them, I’ll be amazed. Check back in 9 days to see how I got on.

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