Visual Studio Code v0.5.0

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I’m going to keep this up I hope… and I was panicking that I’d missed a version of Visual Studio Code (VSC) as I could swear the last one was v0.3.0, which is it was. Read the release notes yourself if you’re interested or the blog summary. Just to recap, I’m using VSC it for an aurelia based project for an web client called Dark Social. I’m using the TypeScript yet but aurelia does use a lot of ES6 and 7 features. Let’s run through the updates… #ES6 support and jsconfig.json

Finally, I hope make things a little easier while I transition to TypeScript. It also explains my entire module being covered in red squigglies. I need a jsconfig.json file apparently. So far I’ve been pretty much ignoring all the errors and warnings as most of them weren’t problems. This is new and may also mean nothing as I can’t see any duplicates. ##Hiding derived resources

Definitely one for TypeScript and one I’ll need to review later. Although it could apply to LESS too I keep all my derived resources in my dist folder anyway. ##Git Enhancements

If you call multi-line support an enhancement rather than a basic feature then it’s an improvement. Too many time I’ve pressed Enter and commited rather than dropping a new line so this will be very handy. Just need to remember Alt+Enter to actually do the commit. ##Debugging…

I’ve barely touch this due to the weird setup of aurelia, I just got unit testing working so maybe this is next on the list to sort out as I’m sure it would make my life easier. ##That’s it…

There may be more for you but a few of those changes will make some of my niggles go away.

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