March 2015 Movies (7)

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##Calvary (2014)

I do really like the work of McDonagh brothers (The Guard, In Bruges), this one was written and directed by the older of the two. I suspect he’s the one with a darker sense of humour as the premise of this one is grim. A priest is asked to meet an unknown man on the beach the following Sunday because he’s a ‘good man’.

The opening is fantasticly shot as the camera barely moves, the focus is on the dialog. But this doesn’t mean the director doesn’t squeeze in some great wide angle shots, swooping over the beautiful countryside. And the score added a lot to the movie too.

I won’t give any more away but I highly recommend it.

##Transcendence (2014)

I really wanted to like this but there’s something about movies that include ‘2 years later’ and then just flash ahead that rubs me the wrong way. It reminded me a lot of Lucy from last month, which was also really difficult to care about the main character. There was an interesting twist at the end and it does ask a lot of interest questions about what make a person.

##Divergent (2014)

Gah! There were some nice touches but I’m sick of distopia-lite. If you like the young adult genre then shame on you. It was just the usually story of too young girl falls for much older guy and it gets more tedious as it goes on. And they’re going to make more of them?!

##Nightcrawler (2014)

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a very unlikeable character well but like the news he’s reporting it’s very gripping in a very uncomfortable way. It gives some insight into the sort of person who follows car crashes and shoot outs and their complete lack of morals. ##The Way Way Back (2013)

I need to watch more movies like this one, The Way Way Back was cute, it reminded of Submarine. A story that doesn’t rely on any special effects or ridiculous plots. Well Submarine was slightly ridiculous. Sam Rockwell plays a great ‘step’ dad while the douchebag Steve Carrell plays an asshole really well.

##The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

This was a real slog. I kept waiting for a point or some insight but I couldn’t feel any connection with it. Shaving a lot of time off it might have improved it but I guess Scorsese can make his movies as long as he wants.

It reminded me a lot of Casino in the pacing and pointlessness of it but I just didn’t enjoy this. ##Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

You’ll notice I don’t have a kid’s section this month as I don’t think this one really count. But I definitely need to watch this one again, I was watching it with my daughter intermittently over the month but I don’t think I fully appreciated it. If you’ve played games in the 80s and 90s then you’ll probably get the references and even if you don’t the story is pretty good. ##Summary

A pretty good month of catching up with some of the better and worse movies of the last few years.

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