May Movies (9)

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It was mixed month for movies, a lot more than last month but some questionable quality.


I DVR’d this one ages ago and finally got around to watching it. It was not funny after the opening credits / montage of Mark Wahlberg growing up with the real life bear. Then it got pretty grim.

Grim because the characters were pretty sad, they hadn’t grown up and made the most stupid decision, repeatedly.

Please give this one a miss. ##Esio Trot

Roald Dahl was a favourite of mine growing up but I never got around to reading this one. Thanks to the DVD I managed to record it and I wasn’t dissapointed. The main stars were Judi Dench (Mrs. Silver) and Dustin Hoffman (Mr Hoppy), it’s a fairly off the wall love story of very shy man who makes starts swapping turtles to backup a lie he tells Mrs Silver to impress her. It was screened during Christmas on the BBC so it might just be available to watch online. ##Hunger Games

I don’t usually watch movies twice but for some reason this one caught my attention and then I just had to watch the next one. ##Hunger Games: Catching Fire

And the next one. ##Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

And the next one. And now I can’t wait for Part 2. I’ve always been a fan of distopian futures and while this is pretty dumbed down and takes quite a few leaps of imagination to believe some of the events, it was entertaining. Some might call this a guilty pleasure, but I don’t feel guilty. My only criticism was the names, the was Catniss said Peeta was so annoying. ##Underworld: Awakening

I didn’t realise they made another Underworld movie and now I know why. It was not the best. Pretty much just an excuse to get Kate Beckinsale in a latex corset. ##Trance

It’s hard to find a Danny Boyle movie I don’t like and while this one was pretty twisted it was a lot better than all the other crap I watched this month.

Vincent Cassel does a great job of being a figure of hate and love. It’s certainly a theme in the movie as none of the characters you’re really sure of.

It’s not for everyone and I’m sure some will hate it but I thought it was one of the better thrillers I’ve seen.


Staying up late you see some strange things and although I again DVR’d this one, I don’t think I’d have seen if I wasn’t up watching another movie. This animated movie reminded me a lot of the motion capture in Sin City but it felt a lot more like an animation.

Set in futuristic France it was a pretty good twisting story but it was definitely missing something more.

##Flashpoint Paradox

Comic book crossovers are always fun, especially for fans who know how things are supposed to be. In this animated movie the Flash travels through time and the world has been subject to many disaters. As well as a war between Aquaman and Wonderman.

Unlike other stories like this, there’s a lot of death of heroes, a lot of very dark stuff you wouldn’t see if it was the regular timeline.

As I’ve been watching the Flash TV series, it’s interesting to see what direction they might be heading in with the Reverse-Flash.


This was pretty mixed month with some happy surprises, the last 3 movies I saw were all entertaining in their own ways. Looking forward to seeing something different this month though.

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