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A typical day tracking by Moves A typical day tracking by Moves I’ve used tracking apps like Endomondo and Runkeeper to track cycling routes and times. About half the time I forgot to turn it on or off so completely messed up my times. So I was really looking for something that requires less effort to use. Looking at expensive fitness bands was next, but they seemed overkill for my needs.

Then I heard about Moves which seemed to fill a need I didn’t know I had. Moves is an app you run in the background and it tracks your GPS data and intelligently guesses if you’re walking, running, cycling or on transportation as well as the locations you spend time in.

This gives a really powerful insight into how you spent your day. Did you exercise more than normal? Did you go places you wouldn’t normally? Or even, did you even leave the house?

For someone with a very bad short term memory this is really useful and helps motivate me to exercise and explore more. Although I’m sure Moves isn’t as accurate as the other solutions the data it provides really helps change behaviour beyond just exercising.

Best of all, it’s free, although I do worry that it’s going to be snapped up by Google and killed off. The image on the right is an example of a typical day and the sort of tracking you can get out of Moves. Well worth trying out although worth noting battery life is impacted but not noticeably.

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