Phase 1: Laying the foundations

1 minute read

I’ve only had this site for a few days and already I’m pretty happy with it. But it isn’t without a few snags.


*Add some icons, courtesy of Font Awesome, just don’t over do it. 2013-09-02

*Add a link to ADN and get my domain verified. 2013-09-01

*Sort out the menu colour, brown doesn’t look great on the mobile version, I like orange but it’s a little bright. Decisions, decisions. 2013-09-05

*Add in a better blog separator might need to use a little bit of jQuery or maybe look into developer mode if the template doesn’t support it. 2013-09-06, I’m happy with it the way it is.


*Add the Map with all the place I’ve been with a bit of context behind it. 2013-09-05, well half done

*Add in longer term plans, this will likely be a working list. 2013-09-05

*Update the summary on the about page, it’s too long. 2013-09-05

*Check the imported blog posts are all formatted correctly. 2013-09-06, App Store Icon Quest needs to be fixed

*Check the RSS feeds are working correctly. 2013-09-06

*Add in the best way to contact / find me but not too close ;) 2013-09-06


*Add in an Archive view. 2013-09-06, I don’t need one right now

*Add in an RSS link to the footer. 2013-09-06, add it to the header

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