Organising the mess

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Projects, tasks, tags, notes, multiple levels of task and projects, separate files for areas of work or large projects. It can quickly become a mess when you want to have visibility of what you need to do without being overwhelmed. As I mentioned in the last post I’ve decided to start with 3 taskpaper files:

  • Inbox
  • Work
  • Personal

With in Personal I have a few high level projects

  • Inbox
  • Big Move
  • Website
  • Home
  • Finance

By far the biggest of those is Home, which currently has 26 projects, a lot of them are of the home maintenance variety. Technically I’m using Home as a location context where I could probably split it into smaller subprojects so I’d actually get it finished. What I’ve done at the moment is tag each of the mini projects with the area of the house. For example “Paint Wall” is tagged with @livingroom, the solution is this case might be simple in that I try to group the projects by the tools I might use so I could preparation at the same time as I have other painting or decorating projects. I could use tags for that too. In this example this might be the best approach.

Why Tags?

In taskpaper it’s very easy to click the tag and see what other items have been tagged the same. While there is a search and it’s possible to search on anything without tagging I find tagging a more consistent way to do it. I haven’t really decided on a tag taxonomy yet all I really have is: *@done(Date)



*@today I’m not precious about keeping my tags tidy I’d rather be able to use them without too much thought at the moment. If I start having more tags than projects then clearly something isn’t right. Creating convoluted systems when there is no need or add tags I will never use make no sense at the moment. ##Focus

The main aim here is to be able to easily focus on what needs to be done when it needs without too much fiddling. That’s a post for another day.

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