2013-06-23 Review: (Un)Happy ‘Holiday’

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I’m going to try writing up my regular reviews, I can’t promise they will happen weekly but it will be pretty close.


Last week I set myself some Jobs to kill in the next 9 days. At the time I assessed the 6 jobs as 4 big jobs, 1 small one and an easy one. My goal was get at least 3 of them completed.

How did I do

I didn’t achieve my goal but I did make progress in 3 of them.

  • Mow the lawn

  • I’ve done this so many times new I can get it done in around 90 minutes. The lawn is pretty weedy but as long as its short I don’t care too much.

  • Hang pictures

  • No pictures have been hung but I have done research on how best to do it and identified the best walls, there was a lot of moving around of furniture last week.

  • Resealing the bath/shower

  • Again it’s not done but I’ve removed the old shower cover and replaced it with a shower curtain.

I’ve been journaling my progress in Day One and I’m using this as a way to think through the problems and steps to getting things done. Am I missing equipment, tools or knowledge? How am I going to sort these out. I’m going to keep doing this as it has been really helpful.

What else did I get done

  • Survived a visit from my parents for 7 of the 9 days. I planned on them being more helpful than they were.
  • Build a Moheda sofa bed, it was on sale and we were looking for one. This killed about 5 hours due a broken part.
  • Clear out loads of junk from the living room. We can almost invite people over without feeling embarrassed.
  • Spent the day in Bristol, visiting the Bristol Aquarium and eating out at Turtle Bay.
  • Got my stove top coffee makers sorted out.

What am I going to do differently

I don’t often get a week off, much less a holiday. So I need to learn from this past week, here goes…

  • Apply the Rule of 3, I aimed too high and ended up being less focussed on 6 different things. If I aim for 3 and get more done then that’s a bonus.
  • Make sure all my outcomes tie in with a project or task in Omnifocus. When I was doing this it really helped me focus on what I could realistically do that day, and also when I could do other activities. Mowing the law is easy but I can’t do it when it raining. The activities that I didn’t log in Omnifocus or at least planned to do, didn’t happen.
  • Break it down. This links into the item above of breaking a project down into steps and tasks that can actually be done.
  • Plan for interruptions. With a young family and parents in town I often had very short windows of time to do things but my tasks were too chunky. 20-30 minutes is going to be my aim.
  • Rest. I quickly became very tired as I was still getting woken at 5-6AM and going to sleep too late. I’ve got hold of SleepBot to help monitor this but I really just need to learn to sleep earlier.
  • Plan something fun. My outcomes didn’t have anything fun planned and it wasn’t until a few days ago we did something properly fun and visited the aquarium.
  • Get help. Childcare, professionals or just willing hands to half the time would have made it all easier. For various reasons none of these happened.
  • Put anything not being progressed on hold. This will help keep the focus on what I am committed to.

Next week

I’m back at work and there is a possibility of travel and an overnight stay, I really only have Saturday to kill off the big jobs and evening to chip away at them. Rather than planning to kill 3 I’m going to aim for 1, Resealing the bath/shower. Wish me luck.

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