Not crossing the grocery lines

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If you do your own grocery shopping I’m sure you’ve been waiting in a queue at least once this month. My local supermarket is a recently opened Lidl which has a few key differences from the larger supermarkets like ASDA or Tesco:

*Their checkout tellers are much faster (most of the time I’m practically chucking my stuff in the bag, although they’re very polite so that is probbaly unnecessary)

*Their conveyor belts at their checkout are about 1/3 longer

*It’s usually a lot busier

With that in mind there’s a key piece of equipment that has a greater focus than in any of the larger supermarkets. Which is the Checkout divider . Some days you’ll find yourself being in a long queue that goes beyond the end of the conveyor belt and before you know it you’re up next. But, there are checkout dividers within reach, there is space on the conveyor belt so what do you do?

*Start putting your things on anyway leaving a small space between your things and person’s ahead of you.

*Ask for the person ahead of you to pass you a checkout divider (assuming they’re within their reach)

*Wait until a checkout divider becomes available because interminging groceries is the worst thing ever

*Wait and as the person ahead of you can reach the checkout divider expect them to put it down for you

Based on my experience (every lunch time and once at weekends) the most likely is option 3. I’ve tested this by deliberating blocking the checkout dividers, putting on music and ignoring the person behind me (I don’t normally do that!) and 9 times out of 10 then still don’t put their things on the conveyor belt despite there being a huge space for them!

I’ve got into the habit of putting my things on the belt as soon as their is a space, regardless of whether a checkout divider is available. It definitely feels a tiny bit uncomfortable and although the person hasn’t said anything they are usually a little visually agitated.

Let me say this, I’m not going to buy your groceries, you’re not going to buy mine and the very happy and professional staff at Lidl are are not going cross the grocery lines even if there’s no checkout divider.

Til number 3 is now opening.

QUICK, switch queues!

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