Squarespace First impressions

1 minute read

So I’ve had Squarespace for 3 days now and so I’ll give my quick first impressions. I do plan on going into more depth in the future.


  • I got setup really quickly.
  • I really like the templates.
  • The admin interface is really nice and easy to use, code injection works well.
  • It has been easy to find help when I needed it, particularly using the squarespace forums.
  • 15 minutes after I registered the domain it was accessible!
  • The iOS client support markdown, HTML and text.
  • The page builder is really easy to use and I’ve not even scratched the surface.
  • I got a free domain and a decent percentage off with codes and getting 2 years off.
  • The stats in iOS a really nice.
  • Setting up the navigation to different categories was easy.


  • The iOS client is a bit meh, especially when certain posts are ‘too complex to edit’.
  • The web interface is a little buggy on mobile safari.
  • The templates aren’t quite as flexible as I’d like.
  • I can’t seem to stay logged in on the web, probably easy to fix.
  • I’m not convinced on how it handles images, particularly if I want to use the same image, it seems like I have to upload images when I want to use them.

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