Starting Editorial Workflows

1 minute read

The last Mac Power Users with Federico Vittici got me thinking more about Editorial's automation features. How they could make my life a little bit easier? As I'm using my iPad a lot more I want to explore this and understand the strengths of Editorial. When dealing with text Drafts and TextExpander are the most powerful apps in my toolbox. Both have their own strengths and particular use cases and are very different to Editorial. I find Drafts very quick and great at capturing short snippets of text and then sending it somewhere, primarily lists of tasks to Omnifocus but also append text to running lists of items, like movies, or books or ideas. TextExpander on the other hand is very much a utility app, I rarely open it directly and it's usually through it's API in other apps that I use it, and to be honest I don't use it as much as I should. Despite some great new features like fill-in snippets it's still a bit slow to create the more complex ones on the iPad. This something I want to change at some point. Looking back at Editorial it's clear both of these apps could potentially become redundant if it weren't for their specific strengths and integration with other apps. You can create snippets in Editorial but then they are only available in Editorial and I'm sure it's possible to share to other apps using URL schemes but it's much easier in Drafts. Where I believe Editorial will really shine for me is in writing long form blog posts like this one. It's easy to add in markdown links or quick research something in the built-in browser. It's a very focussed, distraction-free environment. Next up, my own Editorial workflow which I will share with you. I haven't created it yet as the more I thought about it, the more I thought about Drafts and TextExpander and I want to create something that only Editorial could do for me.

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