Top 5 Podcasts on 17 January 2017

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I still listen to a lot of podcasts so I’ll give you the top 5 I’m listening to right now. Despite the title this won’t be a regular post but when the it does changes significantly I’ll write another one.

You Are Not So Smart

I’ve recommended this before and it continues to throw up interesting philsophically questions, the series of shows about falacies was particularly good. Like The No True Scotsman Falacy episode below, if you don’t get much out of it there’s always a great cookie recipe at the end of the episode.

How I Built this

As I started working for a startup late last year I thought it would be good to get a better understanding of how other businesses started off. How I Built This from NPR does a great job of interviewing the founders of some well known companies and manages to squeeze a lot into half an hour. It’s just the right amount to get you interested in finding out more.

This episode from Patagonia founder was a good one as they’re a business that seem to have stuck to some ideals that go against just making money.


A slightly bonkers interview show from comedian Adam Buxton, if you haven’t seen BUG then check out ADAM BUXTON ‘BUG’ PROG. 8. It’s a lot like that, but he interviews people like Richard Ayoade, Jonny Greenwood and Scroobius Pip. His style is basically to just to have a ramble chat (there’s a jingle for that…) and it’s a nice change for standard interview stuff.

Eat This Podcast

I’m surprised I haven’t posted about this one before, it’s a sort of talk show about food with some focus on the science. The host Jeremy Cherfas is an excellent communicator and simplifies difficult or subject that don’t have much exposure such as The Great Epping Sausage Scandal.


Scott Hanselman is another great communicator and his interview shows with what seems to be random interesting people in tech is a real treat. It’s clear Scott is passionate about tech and it comes across in his discussions where he asks a variety of guests questions on what they do and how they go there. It’s anything but a formulaic show and there is a rich back catalogue of episodes to listen to.

Because he focusses on the people I think even the older shows will hold up well so don’t just listen to the latest shows.

And shuffle…

It’s important to keep changing what you hear, there are so many good things to listen to, so I try to do a regular shuffle every 3 months or so.

If you have any shows you’d recommend please let me know here or on



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