Upgrade or Rebuild

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I have just one project on GitHub, it’s a web based app.net (ADN) client built using aurelia and hosted on Azure Website (now Web App Service) and to top it off I’m using TypeScript.

Dark Social was a passion project. I gave me a chance to experiment with frameworks I’d never used, languages I’d never coded in on platforms I’d barely touched using tools that were barely usable. I’ve lost some of the passion for ADN and life got very busy since I last touched it 4 months ago.

However I want to get back into but I’m unsure if should start a new project revive the old one. Visual Studio Code is now in beta, Aurelia is also in beta, Azure continues to improve and I definitely want to use TypeScript a lot more.

I get the feeling that the me of last year made some pretty wise decisions on what to bet on. However as with every project things can always be improved. There are a few things I’d love to have completed or done better, including

  • Authorization and Multiple Account Support
  • Handling streams of posts better
  • Filtering information, like hiding certain conversations or posts
  • Better separation of services like the App.net API and the Nice API

There is definitely some unfinished business there, so should I upgrade the project using the latest tools or rebuild it?



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