Visual Studio Code v0.3.0

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I’ve been using Visual Studio Code (VSC) pretty much every day for the last month. I’ve been impressed with it so far and am glad to see they’ve pushed out an update already and they fix 2 of my biggest annoyances. The first is the key binding for Format Code (Now ⇧⌥F) before it conflicted with either full screen or search in file. It annoyed me so much I mentioned it at one of the weekly community standups. Of course shortly after I found out I can change it to whatever I want so it was a pretty silly annoyance. Next is a bug with HTML tag completion, I was surprised this one escaped as what would happen is you’d either get the wrong closing tag or duplicate closing tags. Cue lots of cursing and deleting and it’d happen again. So far so good with that one it doesn’t seem to be happening anymore as they’ve turned off autoclosing and Intellisence on closing tags is better. So perhaps it wasn’t so much as bug as a bad way of doing it. ##What else is new?

There’s a lot of things I’m not really interested in right now because I’m pretty much only using it for Aurelia and it has a lot of complaints because it uses as lot of ES6 and ES7 code. I’ll be switching to TypeScript soon so I hope that will be a nicer experience as it VSC now has support for TypeScript 1.5. But I can and am benefitting from better wrapping control instead of code spilling over onto other lines it stays within the block it’s part of. Much better. I haven’t really taken advantages of the in-built task runner as I’m been using gulp to run my build, bundle and watch tasks. ##Lastly…

The update schedule will be roughtly monthly and although you have to manually update your current version the updates will be automatic in the future. This does seem to be the way Microsoft are heading with all their products. I’ll try to keep up with the updates as they come and maybe I’ll go in a bit more depth.

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