Visual Studio Code v0.7.0

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It looks like I missed the latest update by a few weeks, the focus of the latest update was definitely on documentation. Which is not a bad thing as some of my early problem could have been solved with better documentation. ##Documentation

Starting off with a very handy introduction video which gives you a tour of the main features as well as some useful shortcuts like CMD+E (Quick Open) and the different modes available in the command palette. That’s definitely something I haven’t been making a lot of use of. The same goes for autosave, which could be annoying in some case but will mostly save time. Keybindings and settings also get some improvements, so hopefully there will be less trial and error and you’ll at least have a resource to go to when you make a complete balls up. ##Debugging

There continues to be improvement to debugging, another area I’ve not really needed to make use of as it’s primarily for Node apps. ##Tasks

Starting to sound like a broken record but I haven’t made much use of tasks, maybe I’m too used to using the command line now. ##Markdown

Early on I found VSC a great markdown editor and now there are more examples of what you can do with it. ##Web Technologies Documentation

I won’t go into the other documentation updates but JavaScript, HTML, Json, CSS, LESS and SASS all got updates. ##Looking good…

Although I am definitely not making the most of the tool it’s getting some good updates and it’s improving fast. The biggest things worth exploring are definitely tasks and debugging. I’m probably just wary as I don’t want to feel locked into tool.

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